Generate your certificate logo for your LinkedIn profile or general purpose.

Official Site

To get salesforce certificate verification you can access throught official site on Oficial Site

Current Result

You get oficial result with your certificates.

Awesome Result

Now you can get your image certificates in a nice way.

Step 1 : Choose your certificates

Step 2 : Choose your favorite design !!! Pick on DropDown or Select an Image

... if you don't like any ... upload your own. If you choose a Custom design we recomend this size : 1500 x 320 pixeles with .png extension

Step 3 : Select color title and Search your salesforce certificates by your ID associated to your salesforce account on webassesor
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  • More than 7000 people have used and enjoyed the tool. is something special. When I founded Salesforce4All, we established it with no profit penalties with no ads.

    Previously, users only entered the email and with it they automatically obtained the logo with the image.

    From now on due to technical problems it is not possible to obtain it automatically with the email. Users now need to manually select the certificates and banner image in order to generate it.

    The idea is that Salesforce provides a service to automatically generate the image banner as well as did before.

    Please vote idea and share with others if you like this tool to avoid shut down this website.
    Thanks !!!

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